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Kirsty 3 years ago
I'd keep riding his cock too if I was her
Tits 3 years ago
I fucken hate guys who cheat
Yeah 3 years ago
I’d keep fucking that teen pussy right in front of her too!!
3 years ago
Be quiet! I feel bad for her!
3 years ago
"Get off!"
She was getting off alright;) lol
Paula tamaqua Pennsylvania 3 years ago
Yum. Nice cheating husband's..
Lol 3 years ago
This lady was laughing at her while having sex!!! Comment if you agree that lady is savage to not stop
Mmm 2 years ago
I want to catch my bf cheating. I think it's hot. Then I'd want to join in and make him fuck her harder. And blow his hot load deep inside her sweet pussy!
Julie 3 years ago
I been sexually flirting with my aunt ex husband he is remarried now part of me feel guilty but then part of me doesn't cause I want him all to myself my aunt no longer alive she died in 2011 but I always had crush on him while she was with him he ten years older than me how can I get rid of his now wife to be with him all to myself plzz advice thank you!!!
BitchesDeserveLess 2 years ago
That's how you should treat your wife/girl friend